Osman Goat Farm started operations in 1990 in Kangkar Tebrau, Johor Bahru. Mr. Osman bin Cheya Kutty started with 2 goats defended in the back of his residence as a hobby in his spare time. With his hard work and support and encouragement from the government, he now owns 2 farms and a recognized slaughter house.



Selling various types of mutton, milk and other products related to goat breeding.


Provide various services related to goat breeding.


Organize various activities and programs for all community.

Discover Osman Goat Farm

Why we're different

Over 30 years

We started operating from 1990 and are experienced in the field of goat breeding, dairy goats, and breeds.

Recognized Abattoir

Our slaughterhouses are recognized by the Malaysian Veterinary Department. We are also monitored by the Australian Meat & Livestock (MLA) organization which looks after livestock welfare. We also have certified butchers.

Good quality livestock

Regular inspections by the JPV and the Johor State Health Department (Food Safety & Quality Division) to ensure that all livestock in OGF are healthy and free from any infectious diseases.

Fast & Easy

Quick & easy process of ordering, slaughtering, butchering and cutting meat.

Livestock import license

Have a valid license from the JPV to import livestock into Malaysia.

Customer-friendly environment

The clean and comfortable farm is suitable to visit by all ages.